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Meet the maker behind the brand

As an ER registered nurse working on the frontlines of the pandemic, and a mother of three I wanted to create some peace in this hectic world. The vision of Zalenas Candles was born through the convergence of my love for candles and beautiful aesthetics -- and safety for my family. I wanted to create something that would not only be non-toxic and environmentally friendly but also a beautiful addition to a home's decor.


Lighting candles has always been theraputic for me. They transform the mood and ambiance of a space; and provide a valuable reset in our home life. I choose my vessels as works of art, with the intention of having them repurposed long after the last drop of wax is used. My raw mineral vessels are hand crafted by me using some of the best stones from Brazil. They make beautiful bowls and plant containers. I like succulents because they are low maintenance--a succulent, planting material, and care instructions are provided as an extra loving touch.


Women owned small business, but we are mighty. We have honed the craft of the perfect wax blend that compliments scent projection while remaining all natural and vegan because we know that is important to you. We did the research to create luxury elevated fragrance blends all while using nontoxic ingredients.
We know the optimal amount of fragrance and concentration - you won't find any powdery ill burning candles here.

Light up your moments while feeling good about the candle you are burning.

-- Love to you and yours from Zalena's Candles

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