Raw natural fluorite imported from Brazil embedded in hand poured concrete to create a truly unique handcrafted geometric vessel that holds 4oz of our luxurious candle. After the candle is finished burning use the vessel to hold air plants, succulents, pens or anything else. It’s modern, chic design is truly one of a kind! An airplant is included with each candle as an extra loving touch. 


Dimensions: 3.5"x 2.5"

4oz 40+ hours.

Made with natural raw amethysist and light grey concrete


  • Rainbow moods come together in the gorgeous Fluorite crystal, one of the best stones for sweeping out negative energy and leaving you with that lush freedom feeling glow. Shimmering in different shades, from crystal clear colors to pretty purple tones, and soft blue hues

    100 % natural coconut and apricot wax blended with luxury fragrances and essential oils that are free of parabens and other harmful chemicals


    Hand-poured in small batches in Beverly Hills, CA


    All natual, clean and vegan